Minna Ristolainen Graphic Art

Artist behind the works

I’m Minna Ristolainen, graphic artist based in Vantaa, Finland.

I work with printmaking and mixed media painting. During the years I have studied several printmaking and painting methods with different teachers and lately I have most worked with monotype, etching, pvc cut and acrylic/ink painting/mixed media.

Re-occuring themes in my work are women, dreams, nature, the mystic, the unknown. I’m a member of Vantaa professional artist association and my studio is situated at Tapaus artist association premises.

I have a MA in comparative literature and my research focus is narrative elements in contemporary art. My academic papers can be found at https://uta-fi.academia.edu/MinnaRistolainen

You can purchase my original artwork at Taiko.fi online art store, Galleria K in Vantaa or directly by email.

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Purchase my original artwork at Taiko.fi online art store.


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